Bubble tea


I was first introduced to this fabulous drink in Thailand three years ago. I have always had a very sweet tooth, and I love anything really chewy.

I am sure many of you are now wondering, what bubble tea actually is? It is a green tea based drink (Green tea is the healthiest beverage on the planet. Loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effects on the body, these include improved brain function, fat loss, a lower risk of cancer, and many other impressive benefits,) with fruit flavoured infusions, with tapioca pearls, with popping boba, which are all enjoyed along with the beverage. Tapioca comes from the Cassava plant, and is freshly cooked daily. This is optional, not everyone loves tapioca, which are like soft wine gums… I personally think it’s one of the best things about bubble tea, but I also love wine gums. The popping boba is made from seaweed extract, with delicious different fruit burst flavours inside.

Today, I went to Bubbleology in South Kensington in London.  The bubble tea is such a great drink to help the body to cool down in this heatwave. My choice is regularly, White peach, raspberry and passion fruit tea, with tapioca and passion fruit boba. I also really like passion fruit tea with tapioca and passion fruit boba.

There are also milk varieties, which can be drunk hot or cold. My oldest son Alexander loves the Taro, served steaming hot, with tapioca, apple and lychee boba. My daughter Josephine loves the lychee tea with lychee and strawberry popping boba, and my youngest son, Nicholas, loves the simple strawberry tea with no additions.

Bubbleology can also be found in Notting Hill, and there is one in Harvey Nichols for those of you living in and around London. Otherwise it is worth a trip to London town, or to Thailand, (which happens to be one of my favourite countries in the world.)  I will be doing lots of blog posts from this magnificent country in September, when I next go there. I went to EmQuartier Mall in Bangkok for my first bubble tea experience. Bubbleology is 100% vegetarian, handmade to order so you can get your personal favourite, available less sweet or normal, which I prefer. I really look forward to hearing your opinions on this fantastic Taiwanese drink.


  1. Thank you for sharing so much about you life and lifestyle with us, Caroline! As a fellow bubble tea lover, I like hearing about the flavors you and your children favor as there’s truly a bubble tea out there for everyone. Looking forward to reading more from your blog and cooking my way through your YouTube channel!

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