About Caroline

Mother, Cookbook author, TV presenter, model, business woman and entrepreneur.

Caroline Fleming, (née Baronesse Caroline Elisabeth Ada Iuel-Brockdorff, is the first daughter of Lensbaron and Lensbaronesse Iuel-Brockdorff, from Valdemar’s Castle, Denmark. Caroline lives in London, with her three children. Her sister Baronesse Louise Eleonore Kathleen Iuel-Brockdorff, lives in Denmark on the Family’s Castle Estate, with her two children. The two girls jointly own the family seat, Valdemars Slot, which is run on a daily basis by Louise and her husband Nikolaj.

Caroline first emerged on Scandinavian TV screens with the 2006 docu-series “The Baroness,” her self-described “creative adaptation of her historical and noble family and their life through 12 generations.”

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Since then, Caroline has done three seasons of “The Baroness Moves in,” five seasons of “Denmark’s next Topmodel,”  one season of “The Baroness’ single service” and two seasons of the American hit TV series “Ladies of London,” where she became loved by a wide audience for her “funny, glamorous, real personality, someone viewers can deeply relate to and root for. Caroline was known for being a respectable voice of reason – extremely quirky, “she brings a breathe of fresh air to the world, she is a rare character,” say the viewers.”

Caroline has written three bestselling Danish cookbooks, a lifestyle book about how to improve your happiness in 21 days, “Lykkelig nu,” a line of perfumes, (Eau de vie, and Josephine,) a line of hosiery and home wear, and most recently a line of kitchen ware and household accessories, which launched in the summer of 2017. Her first international English language cookbook “Cook yourself Happy,” was released in September 2017 and is sold all over the world, in book shops and on Amazon.

After deciding to stop as a full time model in 1999, Caroline took a diploma in journalism at (LSJ) The London school of Journalism, and soon after met the father of her two oldest children, Alexander and Josephine. Caroline lived in Switzerland between 2001-2007 where her passion for cooking took a serious turn. Having grown up in a family of serious foodies, and lifestyle connaisseurs, Caroline’s own unique style of cooking, creating homes and good ways of life, started to flourish. She spent many months in the mountains each year, surrounded by seasonal ingredients and a life that allowed hours of experimenting with new recipes every day. She wrote her first book without even realising it, during this time. It was very natural for “Discovery media” to create and pick up “The Baroness moves in,” where Caroline teaches families how to live to the best of their abilities through small but powerful changes.

Caroline’s third child Nicholas was born in 2010, and the family now live the majority of their year in London. Having lost both her parents to cancer, Caroline became extremely curious and sensitive to the fate of her family and thus it soon became her life’s philosophy, which she lives by, “You are what you eat, you become what you think, and nothing is impossible – in life there are no mistakes, only lessons.” On top of this, Caroline is, as she says, “just a girl who wants to help make the world a happier healthier place, through conscious mindful decisions, based on love”

This genuine desire combined with her unique and creative abilities, shone through very clearly during “The Baroness” docu-series, and, following many months of countless TV show offers, most of which were declined by Caroline, due to the creative edit experienced during “The Baroness” final cuts, and a deep fear concerning the integrity of the tv/media industry, (Caroline’s transparency and desire of complete truth always, and in everything, made this experience very difficult to fathom….. most of the docu-series was too far from the real truth) however, after many months of deep contemplation, Caroline eventually decided, to commit to a new format, “The Baroness Moves in.”

This became a heart-warming TV series, where lives were dramatically changed in a short space of time, by the ever energetic, positive woman, whose zest for life and making positive change is as infectious as it is inspiring to her many fans around the world.

Caroline’s constant optimism, positive energy and dynamic work ethic, maintained effortlessly within her graceful deep noble roots, in a way that is so grounded, that it’s impossible not to relate to her, is one of many reasons why Caroline became absolute fan favourite on Bravo’s hit tv series “Ladies of London, season 3.” This mother of three, and successful entrepreneur, has just launched her first cooking show on YouTube, “Cooking with Caroline,” and is currently working on her first English lifestyle book.

Caroline is a human philanthropist at heart, and she is constantly working on ways in which to help people become more healthy and happy. She has a deep wish for everyone to live to their full potential, and calls herself “a happiness worker.”

Caroline is also know for planting a tree every time she flies short distance and five trees every time she flies Long haul – she apparently inspired singer Jason Mraz to plant 250,000 trees to reflect the impact of the flights he and his band have taken over a number of years….

Caroline’s long term goal is to build a global food and lifestyle brand. She believes that life has given her some very important lessons, which she wants to share and which she hopes will help people and their families become happier and healthier. Caroline also wants to help make the world and planet a better and safer place to be for many generations to come. This is much of the inspiration behind all of her never ending hard work.